"THE RUSSIANS" A film about Oleg Videnin

"THE RUSSIANS" is a film from Christian E. Klinger about the photography of Oleg Videnin. It looks at the unknown world of so-called normal Russian life and the real people Oleg Videnin uses in his work.

The film accompanies Oleg Videnin as he photographs people on the streets of Bryansk, as well as in Russia’s empty villages and along Russia’s roads. He also provides a deep insight into his working methods in the darkroom and the methods he uses when photographing people. The film includes several sequences of Oleg Videnin’s outstanding and moving photography.

The documentary also includes interviews with Russian curators Evgeny Berezner (Head of the Department for Photography and Multimedia at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art), and Irina Tchmyreva (Art Historian
and Curator, Moscow).

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